Pre-conference Webinar

February 14, 2020 by Madison Jaronski

On Thursday, February 13th, panelists from Enterprise Knowledge, Semantic Web Company, DataWorld, and USC’s Artificial Intelligence Institute will take a business-focused, pragmatic view of knowledge graphs, AI, and semantic tools, covering topics including:



  • Explaining their business value and ROI;
  • Proving their role in business through prototypes and proofs-of-concept;
  • Engaging the business stakeholders to drive change and adoption; and
  • Discussing common project risks and measurable success factors on typical engagements

  • Dr. Amit Sheth, Founding Director of the Artificial Intelligence institute at the University of South Carolina
  • Andreas Blumauer, Founder and CEO of Semantic Web Company
  • Dr. Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist at
  • Lulit Tesfaye, Data and Information Management Practice Lead at Enterprise Knowledge  

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