Knowledge Graphs As A Service

July 26, 2019 by Robert David

PoolParty Semantic Suite is a semantic middleware being used by many large companies world wide. Large sets of data often reside in silos, making it difficult to move and transform them. A flexible approach to integration is needed to efficiently make use of this data.

The use cases range from knowledge management and analytics to machine learning algorithms that take advantage of these huge data sets. With bringing semantic technologies and AI to the cloud, we can provide an integrated service environment as a solution to manage data along the linked data lifecycle. We provide not only data orchestration for diverse data sources, but also the services needed to manage it, as integrated knowledge graph services using enterprise-ready technologies. By combining open standards, research results and modern technologies, we bring knowledge graphs to the next level.

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Knowledge graphs as a service in the cloud can be leveraged for different use cases.

We provide quality analysis over these data sets, showing quality problems that could not be detected before. The combination of rule based detection with machine learning approaches provides a better control over the evaluation which results in higher quality of the results. Approaches like SHACL and ShEx can be used for this.

The huge data sets that exist in the environment of large companies can also be used as a basis for machine learning tasks. We provide the possibility not only to use these sets as integrated training data, but also to expand the learning using knowledge models to improve the results. For providing high performance even when using huge data sets, we go towards having the implementation run as near to the data as possible.

PoolParty Product Suite already provides classification and Named Entity Recognition. We will expand these features by providing customizations to build your own machine learning systems. These can be applied for use case specific identification of entities. 

Having consolidated all data sources, we can extend the data models in place to provide advanced analytics. We can add statistical data to graphs to represent scoring and context information for a semantic analysis of the content. Solutions like property graphs can represent such NLP data efficiently.Furthermore, we can use the consolidated data, in combination with machine learning, for services that answer questions provided by the user in natural language and retrieve the results based on analytics applied to the knowledge graph. This is based on our NLP components which translate questions to semantic queries which then retrieve possible answers. By providing knowledge models, users can focus on specific aspects of the integrated data.

PoolParty Semantic Suite will continue to move towards bringing all components into the cloud, consolidating enterprise information sources into a knowledge graph as a service. By providing enterprise-ready scalable solutions, we bring the power of AI and knowledge graphs to the cloud.

About Robert David

Robert is CTO of the Semantic Web Company. He is the head of the development team for PoolParty Semantic Suite. Robert holds a degree in software engineering and has extensive professional experience in product development and web technologies.

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