iNovex: Semantic Tech Experts teaming up to deliver innovative data solutions

February 11, 2020 by Thomas Thurner

We are excited to have iNovex as a sponsor and presenter at this year’s conference. iNovex works closely with customers to integrate semantic tools into their enterprise data solutions. We have Stephen Kahmann with us to answer a bit more about what they do.

SEMANTiCS: You are presenting your capabilities at this SEMANTiCS conference. Tell us a little more about how your company supports Knowledge Graphs and Explainable AI.

Stephen Kahmann: After years of building semantic solutions, we created the iNovex Foundry - a group of data scientists, architects and software engineers dedicated to providing innovative solutions to difficult enterprise challenges using knowledge graphs, artificial intelligence, and advanced data technologies. The Foundry is really about being product-agnostic, which is frankly liberating. Because we are not tied to one specific semantic product or technology, we are free to explore the most efficient and effective graph-based tools and technologies to solve customer challenges.

Our team acts like a trusted partner, working closely with clients, product vendors and open-source technology communities to understand the problems, identify the right tools and build the solution. But really, “explainable” very nearly describes what we do, whether talking about semantic solutions, knowledge graphs or artificial intelligence. For the technologist, we bridge the gap to help them work effectively with these technologies and vendors. For the business, we help them clearly understand how these technologies can be a game-changer to positively impact their operations. In another sense, we help organizations through the culture shift as they adopt semantic technologies.

SEMANTiCS: Tell us a little more about the typical use cases you serve. What problems have you addressed, and how are you innovating? What lessons have you learned?

Stephen Kahmann: We have implemented successful production solutions for customers across the federal government, defense, pharmaceutical, energy, life sciences, chemical, financial services, and manufacturing domains. Our team has developed data and text processing pipelines, cross-domain search solutions, Customer 360 applications, and more.

Regulatory compliance is emerging as a compelling use case. Regulated industries are challenged to integrate their diverse data ecosystem with an ever-changing network of compliance demands - it’s a difficult balancing act for industries like pharmaceuticals where regulatory compliance is so critical to getting products to market. We developed solutions to align internal data and terms with regulated, controlled vocabularies and industry terminologies to support regulatory submission and compliance. We collaborated with multiple product vendor partners to develop an integrated solution for a GxP-validated, enterprise thesaurus management system.

Document management is another emerging use case. We’ve all heard about the increasing volume, variety and velocity of data as large organizations wrestle with a massive corpus of documents. Organizations need a way to integrate, search, catalog, and explore their unstructured, document-based data. We’ve integrated millions of research and development documents to enhance exploratory and context-driven search - laboratory scientists at large pharmaceutical companies are one example. Through our work, their scientific and technical teams are now empowered to dig deeper into data as a direct result of our integrated solution using commercial graph technology.

Probably the biggest lesson we’ve learned is how important it is for customers to have access to product-agnostic solution partners to help them navigate the maze of semantic products and develop and implement the best plan for a solution.

SEMANTiCS: You are a sponsor of the conference. Where and how we can find you and talk to you? 

Stephen Kahmann: Come see us at our booth to learn about what we offer, or just to talk graph tech. We’d love to get to know you and learn more about the data challenges out there. For more information on iNovex and our Foundry, visit us at, or send us an email at

About Stephen Kahmann

As an Ohio State engineering graduate, Stephen Kahmann started his career as a software engineering intern at iNovex, where he discovered the benefits of applying graph data technologies to solve complex data problems in a variety of domains. After completing his master’s degree in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University, he helped build the foundation for the iNovex Foundry. Now the Technical Director at iNovex, Stephen leads the Foundry’s efforts to apply semantic technology, knowledge graphs and explainable AI for both commercial and government clients.