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For 15 years, the SEMANTiCS conference has served as the leading European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI. The inaugural SEMANTiCS US will be held in Austin, TX. SEMANTiCS US will offer simultaneous tracks to engage any level of interest and experience. Throughout it all, the focus will be on delivering real world case studies and practical guidance, ensuring the conference will yield immediately actionable advice and learning for all attendees.

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Keynote speakers

Amit Sheth's picture

Amit Sheth

Founding Director, Artificial Intelligence Institute and Professor, Computer Science & Engineering

Knowledge Graphs and their Central Role in Big Data Processing: Past, Present, and Future

Ruben Verborgh's picture

Ruben Verborgh

Technology advocate for Inrupt

Small Data, Big Problems

Aaron Bradley's picture

Aaron Bradley

Senior Manager, Web Channel Strategy

Keynote Talk

Ivo Willems's picture

Ivo Willems

Business Transformation and Information Technology Executive

Knowledge Assemblies as Entry Point to Cognitive Computing


A New Generation of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is expected to create trillions of dollars of value across the economy. Andreas Blumauer explains how the rise of Semantic AI promises to overcome the barriers between humans and machines by making them work together.

Ontology Patterns Bring Order to Knowledge Graphs

SEMANTiCS 2019 Keynote Speaker Valentina Presutti coordinates the Semantic Technology Laboratory of CNR in Rome. In her research she focuses on semantic web and artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, social robotics and beyond. In this Interview Valentina talks about ontology design patterns and knowledge graphs.

Knowledge Graphs As A Service

Robert David, CTO of Semantic Web Company and Lead Developer of SEMANTiCS Premium Sponsor PoolParty Semantic Suite shares insights on bringing semantic technologies and AI to the cloud and providing an integrated service environment as a solution to manage data along the linked data lifecycle. 

Approaching Intellectual Property with Semantic Technologies

The PatentSemTech2019 workshop at SEMANTiCS 2019 aims to foster communication between the IP industry and academia. Keynote Speaker Anthony Trippe and researchers Linda Andersson and Hidir Aras talk about achievements and challenges and the workshop itself.

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AT&T Conference Center
Austin TX