Service Science, Semantic Web and Big Data in Agriculture

July 11, 2018

The Institute for Applied Computer Science (InfAI) at the University of Leipzig is one of the organizing partners and Gold Sponsors of SEMANTiCS Conference. InfAI is home to world class research groups in service and web science. Founded in 2006, InfAI promotes science and industry-related research and development in computer sciences and business informatics. At the InfAI, a special emphasis is laid on areas such as information systems, business-oriented web-applications, big data, smart data, semantic technologies, system integration as well as software engineering and innovation management especially for the service industry. Approximately 100 employees work in different expert groups on several large-scale collaborative research projects on a national and EU level.  The InfAI is part of the computing centre at the University of Leipzig, which leads (together with TU Dresden) one of the two novel Big Data Competence centres established by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

In 2015, the DBpedia Association, which is dedicated to professionalize the DBpedia Community project for its users was affiliated with the InfAI. Since then,  the know-how of the DBpedia community project complements the institute's thematic fields of work in the domain of knowledge management and in particular of open knowledge graph governance. The DBpedia community project itself developed in 2006 from a collaboration between OpenLink Software and research groups based in Leipzig and Mannheim. The involvement of the InfAI for DBpedia provides a legal and financial framework for the extensive work of a volunteer and open source-oriented developer community, which supports the community and enables further growth of the project.

The implemented tools and services developed by InfAI-researchers enjoy considerable popularity. For example, the DBpedia datasets extracted from Wikipedia are downloaded more than 30 thousand times per month. Additionally, the technology stacks, developed at InfAI, power for example the Open Data portal and Digital Agenda Scoreboard of the European Commission, the intranet of Daimler AG and Deutsche Telekom’s enterprise search. Furthermore, InfAI is (co-)organizer of a wide range of renowned scientific and technology events such as the European Data Forum, the SABRE Conference Series, the GI-Jahrestagung 2010, the Leipziger Semantic Web Days and the SEMANTiCS. In that role, the InfAI serves as transfer center between academia, economy and industry, and the general public.

For three years now, InfAI is a vital member of the organizing committee of the SEMANTiCS conference. During the 12th edition of this event, 276 researchers gathered in Leipzig to meet the semantic web community. Professionals and practitioners from around the globe - from a total of 30 different countries - attended panels, workshops and engaged in vital discussions revolving round the latest developments in the semantic web domain. The event regularly serves as a platform for the DBpedia community to meet and exchange. This year's DBpedia Day will kick-off SEMANTiCS at the TU Vienna, on September 10th, 2018 with a program packed with Open and Linked Data technologies and the new DBpedia Databus.

We invited two fantastic keynote speakers who will open DBpedia Day and set the tone for the program. You will have the unique opportunity to meet Mathieu d'Aquin, professor of informatics at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUI Galway who will dip into the topic of ‘Dealing with Open Domain Data’. Our 2nd keynote speaker Javier David Fernández García from WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is currently researching on efficient Linked Data access, RDF streaming, archiving and querying dynamic Linked Data. He will talk about the Linked Open Data Cloud. The 12th edition of the DBpedia Community Meeting also covers a DBpedia showcase session, the DBpedia Association hour and a special chapter session where DBpedia language chapters from different parts of Europe present their latest developments and the results of their work.

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Don’t miss us at SEMANTiCS:

Find us at the DBpedia /InfAI booth at the SEMANTiCS venue as well as at the DBpedia Day on 10th of September at the TU Vienna.



The annual SEMANTiCS conference is the meeting place for professionals who make semantic computing work, and understand its benefits and know its limitations. Every year, SEMANTiCS attracts information managers, IT-architects, software engineers, and researchers, from organisations ranging from NPOs, universities, public administrations to the largest companies in the world.