Methodologies and Best Practices 8.2


Practical guidance and actionable advice to guide practitioners and stakeholders through every aspect of project planning, design, execution, and iteration. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 10:00 to 11:30


Designing Taxonomies and Ontologies from a Global Perspective.

At Indeed We help people get jobs. We improve search relevance by creating occupational and attributes taxonomies that accommodate different international markets. Occupational categories across markets show a great deal of consistency. This allows flexible design in hierarchical structures that fit the needs of a corpus in constant change. But when we consider the simplest elements of jobs: degrees, credentials, skills, etc., we open a window into the normative context of institutions and the regulative practices of labor in different countries.

Berry picking your way to a conversational chat bot

Foundational research in information seeking behavior is often ignored in chat bot, or other "conversational AI" technologies. In this presentation a case study will be used to illustrate the importance of Marcia Bates' work in information seeking behavior when designing conversational AI and the ontologies needed to support many aspects of the problem space.