Integration 1.4


Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 10:30 to 12:15


Strategy Graph: Traversing the digital terrain

If semantic solutions were a literal map, what would they look like? Advanced analytics, deep NLP, machine learning and AI are peaks of achievement, often representing solutions to problems we cannot yet define. With peaks come canyons, gullies that grow increasingly wide and deep each time a misconfigured, mismanaged or absent solution set is accepted into a process. The space between the peaks and canyons is often occupied by rigid plateaus, with no room for growth.

The timbr SQL Knowledge Graph of the world’s news GDELT database

timbr – the SQL Knowledge Graph implements the Semantic Web principles in standard SQL as a virtual layer, working over the standard cloud and on-premises infrastructure to turn data lakes, relational and NoSQL databases into Knowledge Graphs. GDELT is a platform and multi-terabyte open database that monitors the world's news media from nearly every corner of every country in print, broadcast, and web formats, in over 100 languages, and that stretches back to 1979 through present day.