Strategy Graph: Traversing the digital terrain

If semantic solutions were a literal map, what would they look like? Advanced analytics, deep NLP, machine learning and AI are peaks of achievement, often representing solutions to problems we cannot yet define. With peaks come canyons, gullies that grow increasingly wide and deep each time a misconfigured, mismanaged or absent solution set is accepted into a process. The space between the peaks and canyons is often occupied by rigid plateaus, with no room for growth. Regardless of if you are trapped in a canyon, stranded at a lonely peak of capability or flatlined on a plateau, connecting technical solutions with business problems can seem impossible.

The Strategy Graph, created by the strength of relationships between people, business and technology bridges canyons and spans plateaus to create a net that brings the bottom line and the peaks of achievement closer together.
Sarah’s discussion uses the Strategy Graph across three types of terrain: the narrow, deep canyon caused by lack of or mis-configured solutions, the rigid plateau, and the peak itself, sometimes described as a solution looking for a problem. Audience participation is encouraged for a collaborative session focused on building and reinforcing your own Strategy Graphs.


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