Technologies and Innovations 5.3


Advanced technical presentations, delving into leading software, integrations, and techniques to share the latest leading edge developments and solutions.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 13:45 to 15:30


How to Cook a Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graphs have been around for a while now. Not only are there many definitions of KG, many standards to describe or query them, but there is no standard methodology to develop, maintain and integrate them. This creates a great feeling of insecurity, especially for newcomers. Nevertheless, there are a number of building blocks and recurring elements that many KG projects have in common. These can be combined to form recipes, which are presented in this presentation in a clear and concise form.

Knowledge Graphs for Human Beings

In the rush towards developing knowledge graphs, data hubs, and similar graph-oriented systems, it's worth stepping back and recognizing that one of the most powerful use-cases for knowledge graphs is in making the creation and curation of data feasible from a human perspective. From publishing and digital content management to catalogs (product and data) to annotating data, knowledge graphs have the potential to radically revise how humans interact with data.