Pano MariaVictor LouwerseJohn Walker

SKOS is a widely adopted W3C recommendation. It provides us with a standard way of expressing and exchanging concept schemes like taxonomies and thesauri. SKOS concept schemes are often managed in tools that provide a user-friendly way of managing these. Such tools typically have proprietary features, such as workflows, user management, audit trails, etc.

Sebastian Gabler

Audio and moving images are set apart from any other content by the adherence to a time line. As with any other media, we may state globally what a story is about. If we want to be more specific, we can state this by chapter or section of a text for anything that is written on paper. To make an equivalent statement about the songs of an Album, or if we want to locate King Marke finding Tristan and Isolde red-handed, which happens from bar 101 in the second act of Wagner's iconic opera, we need to align this i.e. with time elapsed since the start.

Evgeny Knutov

We introduce the SUD search system use-case for the flexible management
of a dynamic co-evolving document collection and knowledge structure
in a focused domain. The work reported here is in the context
of document and knowledge management activities in the domestic
heat and separation industry. Within the framework a

Lindsay Frost

This presentation summarizes ongoing work within the ETSI technical group ISG CIM to standardize and improve interoperability for discovery and exchange of context information between applications, IoT systems and "legacy" databases, particularly for Smart City use cases. The goal of the talk is to solicit comment on issues of scalability and interworking.

David Price

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Swedish Transport Administration are responsible for the management, construction, operation and maintenance of the main road networks in the Netherlands Sweden, respectively.

Caleb SevernTiago Almeida

Containing over 16 million  records since 1898, IET’s Inspec is the World’s leading abstract and indexing database for research in the fields of engineering, physics and computer science. The Inspec production system has historically been based on a traditional relational database  system.

Nicky van Oorschot

In the Netherlands several core registries are available as open data. Several others are closed data. The 25 safety regions (Fire-, Police- and Health Organizations), decided to connect all administrative links between the registries in a new dataset. Instead of creating a new data silo, linked data is used to create the links between the registries.

Tomas Knap

PoolParty Semantic Integrator ( is a world-class semantic technology suite for organizing, enriching, and searching knowledge, which is available on the market for more than 10 years.

Theo van VeenJuliette Lonij

​The collection of digitized historical newspapers of the National Library of the Netherlands contains an abundance of information about events, persons, concepts etc. As part of our effort to automatically extract this information from the unstructured text we are developing methods to recognize named entities and link them to external knowledge bases such as DBpedia and Wikidata.

We are continuously working on further increasing the accuracy of the links by exploring new machine learning algorithms and adding new features. Our current focus is on identifying and incorporating features that may play a role in human entity linking, and on applying word and entity embeddings, as we expect these representations to be a valuable addition to our existing, mostly handcrafted features.

Ivelina NikolovaIlian Uzunov

Springer Nature SciGraph is a new Linked Open Data platform that aggregates and interlinks various data sources from the scholarly domain. It is part of Springer Nature’s longstanding commitment to advance discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, making ideas and information accessible around the world, and leading the way on open access.


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