Semantics at Play: Electronic Arts’ Linked Data Journey


Millions of players consume or create content related to EA’s video games every day. For EA, managing this content using traditional content management systems and databases had become increasingly difficult. The environments in which this content was created, stored and consumed kept growing in number and complexity. EA’s ability to reliably connect individual players with the content that mattered most to them remained elusive.

In response EA has set about changing its approach to the creation, classification and distribution of digital content. This has entailed structurally modelling and semantically describing the content in EA’s ecosystem. This approach has allowed EA to forge an entity-based understanding of available content to provide the right information to the right player at the right time.

In this talk Aaron and Eamonn will describe how they were able to initiate this journey at EA, discuss challenges and how they overcame them, share initial learnings, and look at how linked data will play a key role in the EA player network.