Vassil Momtchev, Ontotext: Rapid Knowledge Graph development with GraphQL and RDF databases

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 08:30 to 17:15

by: Vassil Momtchev


The enterprise knowledge graphs help modern organizations to preserve the semantic context of abundant accessible information. They become the backbone of enterprise knowledge management and AI technologies with the ability to differentiate things versus strings. Still, beyond the hype of repackaging the semantic web standards for enterprise, few practical workshopss are demonstrating how to build and maintain a knowledge graph. This workshop helps you learn how to build an enterprise knowledge graph beyond the RDF database and SPARQL with GraphQL protocol. Overcome critical challenges like exposing simple to use interface for data consumption to users who may be unfamiliar with information schema. Control information access by implementing robust security. Open the graph for updates but preserve its consistency and quality. 

You will pass step by step process to (1) start a knowledge graph from a public RDF dataset, (2)  generate GraphQL API to abstract the RDF database, (3) pass a quick GraphQL crash course with examples (4) develop a sample web application. Finally, we will discuss other possible directions like extending the knowledge graph with machine learning components, extend the graph with additional services, add monitoring dashboards, integrate external systems.

The workshop is based on Ontotext GraphDB and Platform products and requires basic RDF and SPARQL knowledge. The workshop will cover the topics of:

  • Introduction to Knowledge Graphs types and architecture patterns
  • A crash course on GraphQL
  • Bootstrap and Knowledge Graph with the Ontotext Platform and GraphDB
  • Develop a client to read and write data

Required software: 

  • Docker Desktop and 8GB RAM



Vassil Momtchev – CTO of Ontotext

Vassil Momtchev’s specialty at Ontotext is the development of solutions in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and healthcare domains.An explorer by heart, Vassil possesses remarkable enthusiasm that knows no borders. He feels equally comfortable in product development, software architecture, text analytics, linked data, knowledge management, reasoning and large-scale databases.

Vassil has been involved in developing innovative information systems for Pharma and adopting the latest trends from applied research for more than 15 years now – and counting.

For the past ten years at Ontotext, he has managed multiple teams, coordinated several EU funded research projects and has a few years as a board member behind his back.Besides a skillful team leader, Vassil is in love with off-the-beaten-path travel destinations, where he can delight his growing family with new experiences.