, SWC, EK: How to overcome data silos by applying the smart data catalog approach

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 - 13:15 to 17:15

Workshop led by: Bryon Jacob (Co-founder, Florian Bauer (Director of Vertical Solutions, Semantic Web Company), Yanko Ivanov (Technology Partner Manager, Enterprise Knowledge LLC)

Business success depends on the effective use of data. With that in mind, many companies have attempted to increase control over their data and facilitate data governance by creating data silos. However, this approach has proven to have several shortcomings as it often has a negative impact on data quality and analytics. As a result, most companies today cannot take full advantage of their data. Smart data catalogs are an innovative way to address this issue.

This workshop will guide participants through four essential steps to establish a smart data catalog.

  1. Understand your data assets and build an inventory.
  2. Build a common language and create your business glossary.
  3. Create a similar lexicon for machines with taxonomies and ontologies.
  4. Mine your assets with natural language processing.

During the workshop we will outline technological solutions that not only combine the advantages of data warehouses and data lakes but also compliment them with advanced linking methods and text mining capabilities to unify unstructured, semi-structured and structured data .

The workshop will be held by representatives from two leading metadata management platforms ( and PoolParty) and a representative from Enterprise Knowledge -  a leading System Integrator in the field of Knowledge Management. All three companies embrace knowledge graph technology while tackling various aspects of smart data cataloguing.

All participants of the workshop will receive a free copy of The Knowledge Graph Cookbook, which will be introduced at Semantics US on 22nd of April 2020.