Providing Actionable Insights for Jurisprudence Researchers

Wolters Kluwer is a global provider of professional information, software solutions and services. We strive to provide expert solutions to our customers with actionable insights at the point of customers’ use within their workflow. A large segment of our customer base is tasked with a complex research challenge, that being jurisprudence (case-law) research. Attorneys and legal practitioners spend inordinate amounts of time reading case-law documents, trying to find relevant, precedential case-law that supports particular patterns of claims made in adjudicatory matters on behalf of their clients.

Using a combination of RDF, OWL Ontologies and a Knowledge Graph, we aim to provide a solution that can identify and understand the relationship between various semantic units germane to case-law documents (i.e., facts, claims, legal grounds, decisions, etc.). This then allows our customers to provide, in natural language, a profile of the situational matters relevant to a client’s litigation, and to receive insights into case-law that most closely (or does not) meet their specific situation, and more specifically to the outcomes of those related case-law documents, thus assisting the professional in determining his or her strategy for litigating relative to the specific merits of the matter at hand.


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