Methodologies and Best Practices 5.2


Practical guidance and actionable advice to guide practitioners and stakeholders through every aspect of project planning, design, execution, and iteration. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 - 13:45 to 15:30


Taxonomy and Ontology Design Best Practices

Ontologies form the basis of knowledge graphs, and taxonomies are often the basis of ontologies. Thus, a good understanding of taxonomy and ontology design best practices can go a long way. Following a brief introduction of definitions and examples, this session reviews standards and then goes beyond the standards to discuss practical considerations. Standards for ontologies are purely technical and don’t explain how to make a good ontology. Standards for “taxonomies” do not exist, but standards for thesauri are applicable to taxonomies and explain how to design them well.

A Semantic Data Strategy for Enterprise AI

With organizations pursuing the most rapid access to data and flexible management approaches, there is now a rush to adopt and implement advanced technical solutions and capabilities to stay competitive. But many are already encountering challenges as a vast majority of AI and machine learning initiatives are failing to meet their expectations or provide solid gains on investments. In this talk, I will share insights about the lessons learned and the working approaches we have employed to navigate typical challenges the industry is facing.