Methodologies and Best Practices 11.2


Practical guidance and actionable advice to guide practitioners and stakeholders through every aspect of project planning, design, execution, and iteration. 

Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 14:30 to 16:00


From Taxonomies to Knowledge Graphs: Transforming Existing Vocabularies

Many organizations looking to develop knowledge graph programs have existing taxonomy, thesaurus, and ontology structures. In this talk, we outline strategies and techniques to leverage existing vocabulary projects to jump-start knowledge graph development. As two experienced taxonomists who have become interested in knowledge graphs over the past few years we bring to bear our perspectives on using existing vocabulary structures as a basis for knowledge graph construction. Topics include building out ontological relationships, adding and leveraging Linked Data, and modeling strategies.

The timbr SQL Knowledge Graph of the world’s news GDELT database

timbr – the SQL Knowledge Graph implements the Semantic Web principles in standard SQL as a virtual layer, working over the standard cloud and on-premises infrastructure to turn data lakes, relational and NoSQL databases into Knowledge Graphs. GDELT is a platform and multi-terabyte open database that monitors the world's news media from nearly every corner of every country in print, broadcast, and web formats, in over 100 languages, and that stretches back to 1979 through present day.