Find and build your talents with Skills Ontologies and AI-Enabled Skills Detection

Knowing the skills needed to achieve corporate goals is the key to the organic and healthy development of an organization. Often traditional talent management and skill development systems do not possess enough knowledge about the dependencies and interactions between different skills.

A ‘Skills Map’ helps HR gain an overview of where skills are available and where the gaps are in order to be able to offer training and further education based on the organization’s needs. The Skills Map methodology does not show the closeness or dependencies between skills. This leads to the problem that further training and education programs are not carried out efficiently enough as they are missing the necessary contextual knowledge about a skill. With the use of skills ontologies and AI-enabled skills detection, required skills and their interrelations can be better mapped and used.

The graph-based approach helps organizations identify the skills required for projects, product development or other services by semantically analyzing relevant data, e.g., documentation and communication from projects, products or services and associating it with an ontology.

Based on this analysis, people in the company with the relevant skills can be automatically identified or otherwise appropriate measures can be taken in job advertisements.

Semantic AI technologies are transforming how talents and skills can be managed and developed.


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