The Data-Centric Revolution

Semantics and Graph DBs are combining to make possible a complete revolution in the delivery of enterprise information systems.
This revolution will not be led by application software vendors, nor by systems integrators. The revolution will be led by the companies implementing in a new way.

Management laments the existence and persistence of their information silos, and then at every turn, they double down on the process that creates them.In this talk we first unpack why most firms continue to invest in an approach which we call the "application centric quagmire" and what keeps them stuck. We offer advice to reduce the pain.

We then outline a diametrically opposite approach: the data-centric approach. The central idea is to start with a simple, shared enterprise model of your data and then add functionality to that. This idea is very difficult to do with traditional technology, but quite approachable with semantics and graph databases. Experience shows this to be orders of magnitude more productive.

Attendees will:

- be able to identify and describe the forces that cause enterprises to continue to invest in incredibly expensive, and ineffective application systems

- understand and be able to articulate the main differences with the data-centric approach

- be familiar with several case studies of firms who have adopted this approach


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