DALICC - Data Licenses Clearance Center - A Framework for Relsoving Rights Conflicts with Semantic Technologies


The creation of derivative data works, i.e. for purposes like content creation, service delivery or process automation, is often accompanied by legal uncertainty about usage rights and high costs in the clearance of licensing issues. The DALICC project aims to develop a software framework that supports the automated clearance of rights issues in the creation of derivative data works. To do so licenses are being represented in RDF using an extended version of the rights expression language ODRL (Oped Digital Rights Language).  Additionally inferences about license compatibility are being drawn from a deontic reasoning mechanism, that logically  processes a dependency graph about the permissions, obligations and prohibitions associated with the terms and conditions expressed within a license. In essence, DALICC helps to determine which information can be shared with whom to what extent under which conditions, thus lowering the costs of rights clearance and stimulating the data economy. The functional componets of the DALICC framework will be:
License Composer: Lets you create customized licenses
License Library: Lets you choose from a set of standard licenses
License Annotator: Provides you with a machine-readable and human-readable version of your license
License Negotiator: Checks compatibility, detects conflicts and supports conflict resolution

DALICC is a running research project with a strong industrial appeal. The presentation will give an insight into the problem area of license clearance and illustrate how the application of semantic technologies, reasoning and linked data can help to solve these problems. In the talk we will also present the prototype of the DALICC framework, a software designed for rights clearance and contract modelling.
DALICC aims to provide the framework to the public by the end of 2018.  The propsed talk shall raise awareness about the topic and the expected applicabulaity of semantic technologies in the domain of legal services.


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